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Product Notices

Below you will find information on product recalls, service announcement and notices.

Product Notices

Eleiko Pro Dumbbell

We have become aware of a potential issue with the Eleiko Pro Dumbbell. If the handle becomes jammed and can no longer freely rotate, there is the possibility that the screw holding the head in place can unscrew during use and cause the head to dislodge and separate from the dumbbell shaft.

Please inspect your equipment regularly to ensure it is in good working order. For the Pro Dumbbells, this inspection should include a review to ensure:

  • The end cap is in place
  • The handle is rotating freely
  • The dumbbell heads are securely fastened
  • All screws are secure and tightened

If you hear any rattling or other sounds, notice any sharp edges, loose-fitting or jammed parts, please stop using the dumbbell immediately and contact Eleiko customer support team or your local sales representative. If you have the Eleiko Pro Dumbbells and are concerned about this notice, please contact customer support and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact or your local customer service representative.

Eleiko Classic Dip Rack, floor model (3000490)

We have become aware of a potential issue with the Eleiko Classic Dip Rack. If the rack is not attached to the floor and installed properly there is a big risk that this unit will tip over during usage. Due to this issue we have changed the suggested installation method from; “recommended to be attached to the floor”, to “MUST be attached to the floor.”