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“The ´Eleiko Feeling´ is something frequently associated with our bars, but to me, it is bigger than that. It’s what we strive for in all our products and best achieved by keeping the user experience at the heart of everything we do.”
Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO
“Veel van wat we doen, wordt gedaan op gevoel. Strong mechanical sense and the ability to detect subtle differences in positions and movement is integral to creating products that are well received. Identifying the just right feeling translates into equipment that performs and feels great.”
Roy Simonson, Eleikos hoofd van Productontwikkeling

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We are uniquely certified by the IWF, IPF and World Para Powerlifting. Certified by the IWF in 1969, we earned our reputation for developing the industry's finest quality equipment through our exceptional design, functionality and performance. We have enjoyed being the sole VIP supplier to the IPF since 2009 providing athletes with equipment specifically designed for powerlifting such as stiffer bars with a sharper uncoated grip and thin discs ideal for heavy loads. Our passion for improving lives through athletic performance led Eleiko to take an active role in working with disabled athletes all over the world and we are thrilled to be the official supplier of the International Paralympics Committee and World Para Powerlifting.

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Zuiver, sterk, flexibel, ultra-zuiver groen Zweeds staal legt de fundering. Uitmuntendheid in ontwerp, voortdurende innovatie en het veelgevraagde "Eleiko gevoel" maakt ons bijzonder. Een engagement tot kwaliteit en vakmanschap ligt in het hart van alles wat we doen. Onze producten zijn duurzaam gebouwd, om die reden zal u Eleiko materiaal in dagelijks gebruik nog tientallen jaren na levering vinden.
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