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Eleiko Eleiko Classic Half Rack


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All-In-One Functionaliteit

The Eleiko Classic Line Half Rack ensures safety with its user-friendly design and built-in safety features. The safety arms are easily adjustable to accommodate a variety of height placements allowing users to find appropriate positioning and the arms are fastened to the rack to ensure they are always used. The latches and safety arms are fully adjustable and an easy to operate hooks glide smoothly on the stand and lock into place with a magnetic pin. The steel tubing on the rack is covered in stainless steel sheath to protect against impact and abrasions, minimizing the signs of wear and tear. Integrated storage pins keep weights conveniently accessible. Bolt down holes are hidden within the frame to minimize trip hazards and provide important added stability while maintaining the sleek appearance.

Ontworpen Voor

Een ruim gamma powerliften-oefeningen

Stable Construction

Sturdy tubing, solid construction and integrated bolt holes for added safety and stability


Makkelijk aanpasbare veersloten en veiligheidsarmen met magnetische pinnen


Vangarmen worden permanent vastgemaakt om veiligheid voor de gebruiker te verzekeren terwijl het in gebruik is

Bolt Down Holes

Inbegrepen om het rek te verankeren om stabiliteit en veiligheid voor gebruiker te verzekeren


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1640 mm / 64.57 in.


1720 mm / 67.72 in.


2440 mm / 96.06 in.


180 kg / 396.83 lbs


6 maanden-10 jaar