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Eleiko Hybrid Bar - 20 kg

One Bar, Maximum Versatility

Multipurpose bar with corrosion resistant finish

The Hybrid Bar combines distinctive elements from weightlifting and powerlifting into a single, do it all multi-purpose bar for lifters and facilities where versatility is paramount. It brings together a sleeve construction designed to balance the distinct rotational needs for weightlifting and powerlifting, a shaft tailored towards foundational strength lifts — squats, deadlifts and bench press, and a distinctive new proprietary corrosion resistant surface treatment.

1.2 Karteling
415 mm. Oplaadbare Koker
Naaldlagers en lagerbussen
20 kg
Stangdiameter van 28 mm

Ontworpen Voor

Multifunctionele krachttraining


Balanced for both control and comfort. Center knurl supports back squats

Durable Surface Treatment

NCO surface treatment provides corrosion resistant finish


Features dual markings for weightlifting and powerlifting

Maximum Versatility

Do-it-all bar appropriate for all types of lifts


Designed for Durability

A distinguishing feature of the Hybrid Bar is the proprietary NCO surface treatment. The dark, matte surface is durable and corrosion resistant and will make the knurling retain its sharpness for a long time. The color of the bar will fade slightly over time, but the surface treatment will still retain its corrosion resistant properties, even if scratched.

For Versatile Strength

We combined essential features from weightlifting and powerlifting bars into a single do-it-all bar that supports a wider range of exercises. With its center knurl, dual grip markings and balanced knurling, the Hybrid Bar is a go-to solution for powerlifting, weightlifting and functional fitness training.

Optimale Rotatie

The combination of bronze bushings and needle bearings provides appropriate spin for fast Olympic movements without compromising performance in heavy power lifts.

Blijvende Prestatie

A dustproof seal keeps critical parts well lubricated and operating at their best with minimal maintenance.

Magnetic Brush

Every bar is delivered with a brush to clean chalk from your bar after use. Stick it to your storage, squat rack, chalk stand or platform frame. The magnet in the handle keeps the brush where you need it most.


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2200 mm / 86.61 in.


20 kg / 44.09 lbs


12 jaar


Black NCO Finish




Black NCO Finish


Black NCO Finish

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Naaldlagers en lagerbussen




1,2 - Krachtige, Gewichtheffen Grip

Max. Lading

1500 kg / 3306,93 lbs

Stofvrije Afdichting



28 mm / 1.1 in.

Diameter Koker

50 mm / 1.97 in.


30 mm / 1.18 in.

Center Knurl