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Eleiko IPF Competition Combo Rack - Charcoal

Maximale Lifts

Eén stuk met Twee Configuraties voor Competitief Succes

With our new squat rack bench press combo, Eleiko presents a fantastic redesign that adds durability and safety features, showcases a sleek design profile with distinctive chrome details and improves the experience for the lifter, the loaders and event organizers. The robust new design integrates a patent-pending support arm tilt mechanism for shifting the angle of the arms that is easier to operate and provides added safety measures for lifters and loaders. We maintained the champion approved, tried and tested geometry known and loved by the lifting community. The safety arms provide more room for the lifters in the bench and the bench padding is an exclusive Eleiko design, an injection moulded polyurethane cushion to better support athletes while delivering improved performance.

Ontworpen Voor

Professioneel powerliften, squat en bankdrukken


Stuk werd door het IPF gewaarmerkt voor competitief gebruik

Adjustment System

Patented tilt mechanism makes changes quicker, easier and safer

New Cushion Design

Naadloze injectie-gevormde polyurethaan kussens zijn ultra-hygiënisch, buitengewoon duurzaam en comfortabel in gebruik

Made in Sweden

Delivering superior quality and performance


New Cushion Design

Our new cushion design is uniquely constructed as a single piece injection moulded cushion. It provides superior grip and support for athletes featuring a unique knurl grip pattern inspired by our barbell knurling for improved traction and firm positioning during lifts. The new design is incredibly durable significantly extending the life of the bench.


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1610 mm / 63.39 in.


2050 mm / 80.71 in.


115 kg / 253.53 lbs


1-10 jaar

Max. Lading

550 kg / 1212,54 lbs

Bereik Stijlhoogte

75 cm - 170 cm



Bench Weight

33 kg / 72,75 lbs