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Eleiko Loadable Dumbbell 5 kg / 11 lbs

Space Saving Solution

Barbell Design and Manufacturing in a Compact Loadable Dumbbell

The Eleiko Loadable Dumbbell gives lifters incredible flexibility and control, a dumbbell with the familiar feel of a barbell. The Eleiko Loadable Dumbbell is essentially a mini barbell, designed to the specifications of our XF range of bars the dumbbells feature a 50 mm sleeve, a combination of bushings and bearings, a 28 mm diameter shaft and the 1.0 knurling which is balanced to provide a secure grip and be comfortable for higher volume lifting. It is a versatile tool; weight can be easily adjusted to suit training needs and can be adjusted in smaller increments so lifters can progress more naturally. The dumbbell is designed to be paired with the Eleiko range of rubber coated disc and vulcano change plates however it is compatible with any standard Olympic plate. This means weights can be shared between dumbbell and barbell training.

Ontworpen Voor

Vrij gewicht- en functionele training voor ganse lichaam

Built to Bar Specs

Built on the specs of our XF bars, the 28 mm shaft, tensile strength and knurling deliver the familiar Eleiko feeling

Sleeve Construction

50mm sleeve features both bushings and bearings for smooth controlled rotation

Standard Weights

Compatible with any disc designed for a standard barbell, smaller 5 kg and under change plates recommended

Max Load

Up to 40 kg per dumbbell depending on width of the collars used.


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436 mm / 17.17 in.


4,99 kg / 11 lbs


5 jaar

Lengte Oplaadbare Koker

141 mm / 5.55 in.

Grip Length

130 mm / 5.12 in.


28 mm / 1.1 in.