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Eleiko Performance Platform, 2,4x2m - Charcoal/Grey

For Weightlifting

The Eleiko Performance Platform clearly defines a lifting space and protects equipment and your training facility from the impacts of weightlifting and barbells being dropped. Durably designed, the platform stands up to the demands of daily training in varied weightlifting environments with heavy duty steel frame. The deck is constructed from a sturdy wooden base with a grey surface that offers good traction for secure foot placement during lifts. Our high-quality rubber tiles complete the platform with an exceptionally durable, odour free lifting zone.

Ontworpen Voor

Gewichtheffen in verschillende trainingsomgevingen

Ideale Oplossing

Wanneer geluid en trillingen geen grote zorg vormen voor uw faciliteit

Ontworpen om te Beschermen

Bescherm materiaal, faciliteit en bepaal duidelijk de tilruimte

Verminder de Impact

Geurvrije rubberen matten van hoge kwaliteit zijn schok- en geluidswerend


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2190 mm / 86.22 in.


2565 mm / 100.98 in.


35 mm / 1.38 in.


151,74 kg / 334.53 lbs


2 jaar