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Eleiko Prestera Half Rack w Smith attachment - Black

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The Eleiko Fitness Half Rack - Smith Machine is a straight frame smith machine with a 15 kg barbell that is ideal for a variety of squatting, lunging and pressing movements. The Smith attachment consists of vertical shafts, integrated safety stops and a housing that holds high-quality bearings and the smith bar. The bar features a built-in rotation stop to ensure users always engage the hooks. The rack has four storage pins on each side for convenient plate storage, and the steel uprights protect against impact and abrasions. Hidden bolt down holes minimizes trip hazards, provides stability and maintains the rack’s sophisticated appearance. Pair the rack with a flat or adjustable bench for versatile strength training.

Ontworpen Voor

Een verscheidenheid aan squat-, stoot- en drukbewegingen

Specificaties Lange Halter

15 kg./320 mm. Kokerlengte/35,5 mm. Gripdiameter/Geribbeld met Gripmarkeringen

User Safety

Bar features a built-in rotation stop ensure users always engage the hooks


Makkelijk aanpasbare veiligheidsstops omvatten een rubberen kussen om impact en geluid te dempen

Integrated Weight Storage

Features integrated storage pins for convenient plate storage


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1317 mm / 51.85 in.


1711 mm / 67.36 in.


2353 mm / 92.64 in.


200,12 kg / 441.19 lbs


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