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Eleiko Eleiko XF 80 Be Square

Rig Black

Functionele Trainingsnoden

De Essentie van Functionele Fitnesstraining in Eén Klein Pakket

This assembly can be used either as a complete rig assembly or as a building block for creating and customising an XF 80 Rig solutions to meet your needs. This compact design is full of features to offer variety and support multiple users at one time. The design includes seven pull-up stations, four of which are appropriate for muscle-ups, three squat stations, monkey and wall bars, as well as several fitness attachments including a dip station. Choose from any of our XF Accessories and Rig Storage collections to add custom functionality, or expand it by grouping units or adding pieces from the Rig Framework collection.

Ontworpen Voor

A variety of functional fitness and strength training needs

Aantal Stations

7 pull-up stations (4 that work for muscle-ups), 3 squat stations as well as monkey and wall bars


Wordt standaard geleverd met een dipstation, een koordbevestiging, een reeks j-cups en een set veiligheidsarmen

Built In Storage

Omvat rekken voor opslag schijven, kettlebell en handhalters

Op maat gemaakt

Gebruik als ontworpen, groepseenheden samen of er op uitgebreid met mogelijke Eleiko XF-tuigcomponenten


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3135 mm / 123.43 in.


3065 mm / 120.67 in.


2700 mm / 106.3 in.


416,5 kg / 918.23 lbs


10 jaar