Long Sleeve Grip T-Shirt - 3 Colours | Eleiko

Eleiko Long Sleeve Grip T-Shirt - 3 Colours

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Ideaal voor Training op een Kille Dag

This men's long sleeve training top gives the right amount of coverage when it's chilly, while the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you from overheating. The unique silicon print knurl pattern along the spine and across the shoulders helps maintain your position on the bench and keeps the barbell in place.

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Added coverage before, during or after training

Silicon Print

Unique knurl inspired silicon print on shoulders and back for grip

Bonded Seams

Seamless construction in targeted areas for comfort

Technische Materialen

Moisture wicking fabric keeps you dry

Onderscheidende Details

Embossed pattern on sleeves and unique Eleiko logo details


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