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Eleiko Olympic Flat Benches


Krachtige Press

Heldere Lijnen, Leuke Details en Duurzame Constructie

The Eleiko Olympic Flat Bench combines user friendly features with smart details to ensure safety and minimize maintenance. It is designed to perform a variety of bench press exercises from a flat bench position. The bench features ten height adjustments for the bar hooks so users can find a comfortable starting and ending position. Adjustment positions are numbered on both side of the uprights so lifters can easily confirm their position. The hooks feature built-in polyurethane rollers to protect the bar knurling and allow lifters to adjust the bar while loaded for optimal positioning. The integrated weight storage pins keep weights close at hand and the lifting area clutter free. If extra stability is needed, the bench can be bolted to the ground using the hidden bolt holes in the frame.

Ontworpen Voor

Ontwikkelen van kracht van het bovenlichaam

Customized Positioning

10 settings mean users can find the appropriate and safe position

Makkelijk te Bedienen

Numbered height adjustment visible from both sides of the tubing so you can ensure even placement.

Aanpasbare Haken

Allows users to find the optimal start and ending position that is appropriate and safe for their training needs.


Numbered height adjustment, warning markings for unengaged pop-pins and bolt down holes are all features that contribute to user safety


Polyurethane Upholstery

Our unique polyurethane (PUR) cushions are hygienic and durable, a great option for high use facilities. The tough surface does not soak up sweat, salt and particles, simply wipe the surface clean after use. Our propriety design is a highly durable custom molded material that provides excellent support while lifting and last a really long time.

Aanpasbare Haken

The bar catch hooks can be easily adjusted using a knurled pop-in positioned behind the hooks. Simply pull the pop pin and raise or lower the bar hook piece to the desired height. Release the pin and ensure it is fully engaged. Check the clear and convenient height number indicators to ensure hooks are at the same height on each side of the bench. This important feature allows users to find the optimal start and ending position that is appropriate and safe for their training needs.


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1669 mm / 65.71 in.


1720 mm / 67.72 in.


1253 mm / 49.33 in.


82,5 kg / 181.88 lbs


6 maanden-10 jaar