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Corporate gyms for healthier organisations

Work with our team to design a training space tailored to your needs

More and more businesses are incorporating gyms in their workplaces, providing many benefits for both employers and employees. In the long run, an investment in a corporate wellness space can help companies become more productive, create a more attractive working environment and safe money. Our dedicated team is here to help you build a training space tailored to your needs. With more than 60 years of experience, Eleiko can help you create the ultimate lifting experience at your company.

Health investments for a stronger organisation

A corporate training space provides several benefits:

Healthier, happier employees: Exercise is shown to reduce stress, combat fatigue, improve performance and lead to fewer workday absences.

Increased productivity: Physical activity improves attention span, accuracy and memory, resulting in increased productivity at work.

Improves work-life balance: Offering employees a place to train at work will lower the barrier to physical activity and improve work-life balance.

Attract and retain talent: You are what you attract! Health and wellness initiatives highly rank every year when professionals are asked what benefits are most important to them.

Strengthens employer-branding: Wellness is essential to the modern workplace, and people look for companies with shared values. Investing in health will strengthen your company’s employer branding.

What to think about when designing a corporate gym

Space: Start by determining the available square footage. Are you planning a smaller, more personal gym, or a larger training space? This will determine the type of equipment and design that is optimal.

Users: Consider who your employees are, what they like and what needs they have. A versatile gym that offers possibilities for users who have training habit, and well as beginners, is a good starting point.

Equipment: Durability and flexibility are key. Choose equipment that supports a variety of exercises, both strength and cardio training, and is designed to withstand heavy use environments.

Flooring: Choose gym flooring that can withstand tough usage, is easy to care for, can withstand dropped weights and barbells and minimizes noise.

Your Brand: Make it personal. Let your training space and design show off your company culture and what is important to your brand – and get your employees' ideas and input!

Projects and Inspiration

A bespoke gym design utilizing innovative products and smart solutions such as versatile racks, sound dampening platforms, compact storage and well-planned layouts create both functional and aesthetically pleasing training spaces.

Explore some of our recent projects – from competitions to commercial facilities and home gyms – in our case studies section.

Strength Solutions of all Sizes

Whether a small studio space, a mixed use residential space or a facility catering to hundreds of users, Eleiko offers solutions that make the most out of every square meter. Strength Stations are scalable concepts – rooted in lifting and free weights – that deliver space efficient, versatile strength training options which can be adjusted to fit any environment.

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