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Training solutions for residential properties

Work with our team of experts to design a training space tailored to your needs

Building a common residential training space lowers the barrier to physical activity – and increases property value. A residential training space is an investment for both tenants and property owners, providing improved quality of life and building community. Our dedicated team of product and facility design experts are here to help you build a training space tailored to your needs. With more than 60 years of experience, Eleiko can help you create the ultimate lifting experience at your property.

The Benefits Of Residential Gyms For Increased Quality Of Life

Creating a residential gym will help you:

Increase property value: A residential training space makes the building more appealing to live in

Attract tenants: Training space offers higher standard of living and attracts new tenants. SBC, Sweden’s Housing Tenancy Center’s report for 2021 shows that as many as 33 percent of tenants want a gym in their building’s common areas.

Improve quality of life: Having a gym close to home lowers the barrier to physical activity, improving the quality of life for residents

Build community: Training together is an effective way to increase community and create positive relationships between building residents

What to think about when designing a residential gym

Space: Start by determining the available square footage. Are you planning a smaller, more personal gym, or a larger training space? This will determine the type of equipment and design that is optimal.

Users: Consider who your tenants are. A versatile gym that offers possibilities for users who have training habit, and well as beginners, is a good starting point.

Equipment: By choosing durable strength equipment for the residential gym, both maintenance costs and operational disruptions are reduced. Mix strength and cardio equipment to create a versatile residential training area.

Flooring: Choose gym flooring that can withstand tough usage, is easy to care for, can withstand dropped weights and barbells and minimizes noise.

Projects and Inspiration

A bespoke gym design utilizing innovative products and smart solutions such as versatile racks, sound dampening platforms, compact storage and well-planned layouts create both functional and aesthetically pleasing training spaces.

Explore some of our recent projects – from competitions to commercial facilities and home gyms – in our case studies section.

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