Eleiko Strength Coach

Level One, Nordic Edition

Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1, Nordic Edition
We believe a strength coach must be proficient in teaching lifts, designing training plans, and building quality relationships. In this course, we tackle all three aspects and you will leave well equipped to successfully work with athletes and clients of all ages and abilities.

Gain knowledge, improve technique, and grow your career.

Eleiko in collaboration with Anders Lindsjö has created a course based on our expertise and experiences with the Olympics, World Championships, and European Championships along with using our knowledge and experience coaching professional teams and players from different leagues and tours worldwide. Anders has educated more than one thousand students at the College of Sports in Helsingborg, Sweden. In addition, we have listened to feedback from all participants attending the Eleiko courses over the years. Finally, we have turned to science and different studied theories - all in order for you as a participant to get the most out of this course.

Our training method is based on making difficult things simple and simple things effective by using models and draw parallels, as well as lectures, clips, practical training, reflection and discussions between the different participants.

Varför är denna kurs bäst i sin kategori?

We are of course proud to offer you and all the other coaches around the world "A journey in the magic world of Olympic Lifting" - a journey about WHAT and WHY ordinary and unusual people gain from weightlifting and HOW they can take advantage of this complex-complete-time-effective training to develop coordination, mobility, stability, strength and explosiveness. We are talking about achieving goals, and we provide you with a host of new tools to achieve them, but in order for us to help you develop, we need to start from the beginning with level one.

Mål med kursen

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and explain the 5 basic sports movements
  • Understand the basic parts of the Olympic lift
  • Understand the sequences behind clean and jerk.
  • Perform safe and efficient lifting movements
  • Understand how the anatomical body works

Vem har nytta av denna kurs?

  • Lifters, athletes, coaches or therapists
  • All backgrounds welcome, experience not required
  • Athletes willing to step outside of their comfort zone


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