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Eleiko Weightlifting

Level One

Eleiko Weightlifting Level 1

Gain knowledge, improve technique, and grow your career.

Our two-day course teaches you a sensible and practical system for teaching the primary lifts.

Designed to make your technique more efficient, effective and safe. The Eleiko Coaching System is made up of a four-step process that can be applied to any movement.

  • Step 1 STANCE
  • Step 2 GRIP
  • Step 3 POSITIONS
  • Step 4 ACTIONS

Our approach enhances learning by following the motor learning continuum of progressing from simple to complex.
This technique intensive, activity-based, face-to-face course allows participants to hone their coaching skills and reflect on their practices.

Movements Covered: Squat, Snatch, Clean, Jerk.

Why is This Course
The Best in its field?

We create a live Eleiko experience, grounded in science, with educators skilled in communication, teaching, and relationships. The hands-on portion of the course focuses on the participants actively practising the technique they learn. This technique focuses on the specific positions and actions required to construct a complete lift. Breaking down the technique in this manner, gives coaches the ability to progress the lifts incrementally, spot errors, cue positions effectively, and see movement compensations at any stage.

The participant-to-instructor ratio is kept low to allow each participant a greater opportunity for interaction with our expert instructors. We want coaches to be comfortable applying what they learn to their unique environments.

Course Goals

This course is 16 hours and includes:

  • Technical development and proficiency
  • The Eleiko Coaching System
  • Practical application of each lift
  • Time to develop your "coach's eye "
  • The practice of effective coaching cues
  • Understanding of stress, recovery and programming

Who Benefits
From This Course?

  • Coaches looking to improve their technique as a lifter and a coach
  • University students planning on a career in training, coaching, or strength and conditioning
  • Functional fitness, sport performance, and strength and conditioning coaches
  • Personal trainers

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