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Eleiko Classic Olympic Incline Bench - Charcoal/Black

Justerbart övertag

Clean Lines, Smart Details and Durable Construction

The Eleiko Classic Olympic Incline Bench supports training from a different angle, changing the muscles emphasised and ensuring well-rounded strength. Several bar hooks and integrated plastic rollers for side to side adjustments allow users to find their best position, as does the adjustable seat. Integrated storage with rubber stoppers keep weights conveniently at hand and the lifting area clutter free. Hidden bolt down holes maintains sleek appearance while providing added stability to ensure safety.

Designad för

Bygg upp styrka i överkroppen i en lutande position

Anpassad placering

Plastic rollers let user shift and adjust bar while loaded and resting in hooks

Skai® Dynor

Ger utseendet och känslan av skinn utan slitaget

Uppdaterad design

Provides more space for racking bars, improving the lifting experience

Inbyggd förvaring

Keeps lifting area clear and allows for convenient weight changes


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1625 mm / 63.98 in.


1720 mm / 67.72 in.


1550 mm / 61.02 in.


110 kg / 242.51 lbs


6 månader -10 år