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Eleiko SVR Platform - Weightlifting

Please Drop the Weights

SVR skapar nya möjligheter för anläggningar genom att minska oljud, dämpa vibrationer och förhindra att stången studsar.

The Eleiko SVR platform opens a world of possibilities for today’s fitness facilities with a solution to address the issues of noise and vibration in a clearly defined lifting space. Our exclusive drop zone materials give the platform its unique characteristics of reduced noise, vibration and bounce. Custom multi-layered wood deck is protected with a non-slip hardwearing laminate and a long-lasting durable inlaid rubber strip to guard deck edges, bumpers and discs from damage. The platform is solidly constructed and highly durable without sacrificing aesthetic appeal and will stand up to the heavy use in commercial facilities.


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2090 mm / 82.28 in.


2462 mm / 96.93 in.


103 mm / 4.06 in.


288 kg / 634.93 lbs


1-3 år