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Our Mission

Make people stronger so they perform better in sports and in life

From Waffle Irons
To The World's
Weightlifting Leader

Our story, six decades in the making, is filled with bold ideas and ambitious goals. Rooted in a passion for strength, we took a bold leap from making waffle irons to creating the world’s finest barbells and helped shape the world of weightlifting along the way. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to quality and performance, we work tirelessly to make people stronger.

Set Your Bar High, Be Kind and Do More of What Makes You Stronger

This simple expression captures our core values and guides us. It's reflected in our pursuit of continual improvement, in our commitment to innovation, quality, and performance, in the relationships we develop, and the products we make.

Developing the
Future of Strength

We build upon our 6-decade legacy in weightlifting, fuelled by our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and performance to develop the future of strength training. We create products that push the boundaries of performance and unlock human potential, products that build strength on and off the lifting platform and enable outstanding performance in sports and in life.

Building a stronger world

Being socially responsible and sustainable is integral to living up to our values and realizing our vision of building a stronger world.


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