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“Our mission is to integrate the world’s best equipment, education, and expertise to build a stronger world.”
Kerri O'Brien, VP of Eleiko Education, Product Development and Marketing

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Eleiko raises the bar for education delivering an array of programs effectively combining in-depth written course content with a hands-on emphasis on lifting proficiency, program development, and becoming a better coach. The offerings range from multi-day strength coach certification courses to programs addressing specific areas of strength training such as powerlifting or kettlebells.

Eleiko Lic. Eleiko PT (Swedish)

One of our most popular courses
Improve client retention
Kickstart your career in fitness

Eleiko Raise the Bar for Strength

Opportunities for Increased Retention, Member Acquisition and Ancillary Revenue
Empower Your Instructors and Trainers
Invest in a Long-Term Solution

ARMYou powered by Eleiko

Tactical Fitness and Performance Programs
ARM Your Facility Staff, Trainers, and Community
Invest in a Long-Term Tactical Solution

Live Eleiko Experience

Inclusive workbook and interactive online learning content
Hands-on equipment interaction and implementation
Practical client examples and situations


The Eleiko Education team is made up of a diverse blend of world-class instructors who are experienced educators, accomplished athletes, active sport scientists, and university professors.

Anders Lindsjö

Eleiko Educator

Peter Konradsson

Eleiko Educator

Lisette Lindsjö

Eleiko Educator

Andreas Wass Byfeldt

Eleiko Educator
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