Social Responsibility and Sustainability | Eleiko


For a Stronger World

Being socially responsible and sustainable is integral to living up to our values and realizing our vision of building a stronger world. Prioritizing sustainability expands our focus beyond physical strength and human potential, it propels our ambitions of building a stronger world to new heights.

A Stronger World

We are committed to environmental stewardship and passionate about reducing our impact. We are mindful when selecting materials and establishing partnerships with companies that demonstrate environmentally friendly practices. Our employees follow, but also strive to go beyond, the environmental rules and regulations set forth by local, regional and national authorities. We established an internal "green team" to guide our sustainable initiatives developing concrete actions and measurable goals to reduce our impact on the environment.

Durable Design

We design products that last. They are durable, built from the finest quality components and crafted to withstand the test of time rep after rep, drop after drop. This focus on quality and designing products for long useful life, with technical qualities and timeless classic designs, benefits not only our customers but minimizes the environmental impact associated with disposal.

Clean Green
Swedish Steel

Our proprietary Swedish steel has been the foundation of our bars for 60 years. Our steel is pure ultra-clean steel, and now it is also green. Improved cleaner manufacturing processes reduce environmental impact while our bars retain their distinguishing characteristics; strength and flexibility. A winning combination.

Eleiko Sustainability Policy

We believe in building A Stronger World. We will identify opportunities in our processes, product development and our supply chain where we can do more to protect and contribute to a healthy environment and promote sustainable practices.

A Culture
of Kindness

From fika* to product development philosophies rooted in Scandinavian design traditions of quality, safety and clean aesthetics, we embrace our Swedish heritage. We value work-life balance and implement policies and practices to promote a happier, healthier and stronger workforce. We recognize our team makes us who we are. We are diverse, a company made up of 18 nationalities speaking more than 20 languages. We embrace fika knowing relationships and collaboration are central to our success. That slowing down, stepping away and making space for creativity to flourish is vital to innovation. Embracing these values and practising kindness makes Eleiko who we are today.

* A Swedish social institution, Fika means having a quick coffee break with colleagues and friends. Fika is slowing down, taking a moment to connect with those around you.

Eleiko HQ

When we decided to create a new HQ for Eleiko, the architect’s expertise in and commitment to sustainability was a key decision criterion when selecting our partner for this project. Our firm, White, is a well-regarded Scandinavian architecture firm that is connected to the United Nation’s Global Compact program which calls on organizations to align their strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

The new Eleiko HQ renovates an existing building and expands upon it with new development as well. Environmentally-friendly materials and processes were chosen when possible and include LED lighting throughout, automatic sunshield solutions to reduce energy consumption and user-controlled electricity consumption.