60 years of strength in one dumbbell. Meet Evo. | Eleiko

60 Years of Strength in One Dumbbell

Meet Evo

Evo is built to perform.

We emphasized durability in design and materials selection, included features to promote safety and tested the dumbbells thoroughly. Inspired by our legacy in lifting, we use Eleiko barbell steel, apply our knurling expertise and offer both rotating and fixed handle options to deliver our signature Eleiko Feeling and provide a great experience for the lifters and peace of mind for the operator.

Evo Rotating

Smooth Rotation with Grip Optimised for Dynamic Lifts

We applied all we have learnt in our 60 plus years of building barbells to create a rotating dumbbell that is exceptionally smooth. And, we did it in an innovative way that reduces the handle diameter to a manageable size.

Evo Fixed

Quality Materials, Durable Construction and Outstanding Performance

Dumbbells are one of the most frequently used equipment in a facility, quality is a must. With Evo, you get Eleiko barbell steel, our signature knurling, ultra-durable, multi sided sloped head design. Awesome to use, hassle free to own.

Evo Brochure

drops performed from 5 m high(people dropping weights from the first floor)

drops performed from 1.5 m high(people dropping weights from chest height)

drops performed from 10 cm high(people dropping weights whilst sitting on a bench)

Result: zero functional damage and minimal scruff marks on the polyurethane.